Angle Indicators

Transtronic specializes in manufacturing angle indicators for drilling. All of our systems, sensors, cables, and boxes are built to withstand demanding environments and rough handling, such as shock, water, and vibration.


Inklinator CMI Tunnel

Designed for tunneling rigs, The CMI Tunnel is a modularly built system showing drilling parameters. This improves the quality and accuracy of the drilling operation which in turn improves productivity and working conditions for the tunnel drill rig.

CMI Tunnel

Optional length transducer

General Data
  • Power supply 24V DC

  • Power consumption 0,2A

  • Working temperature -20 to +50 degrees C

  • Environmental protection IP65

Angle Measuring
  • Measurement range 2 x +-30 degrees

  • Accuracy +-0,3 degrees

Hole Length/Penetration Rate Measuring
  • Measurement range hole length 0 to 99.9 m, 0 to 327′ 9”

  • Measurement range penetration rate 0 to 9.99 m/min, 0 to 32′ 7”/min

  • Accuracy length measurement +-1%, min 0.05 m

Without Inklinator
With Inklinator

Bench Drilling Application

In bench drilling large cost savings can be done. Even such limited hole deviation as 1-3 degrees from the precalculated hole direction, give unacceptable cost increases for drilling and blasting.

  • Shorter alignment time

  • Less drill meter

  • Lower consumption of explosives

  • Lower consumption of drill bits and steels

  • Increased safety

  • Less overbreak

  • Uniform fragmentation

  • Less secondary blasting

Before without any Instrument
After without any Instrument
With a water leveling system as sight the error can be up to 10 degrees depending on how the rig is located.
Before with Inklinator System
After with Inklinator System
With Inklinator system 2N with sight for inclinated holes, the angle is always correct aligned, no matter how the rig is located.
Inclinator CMI Bench WIFI
Inclinator CMI Bench
Inclinator Type 2R
Inclinator Tyle 2V2
Inclinator Type CMD